Grand Trunk Western Hoppers

Grand Trunk Western Hoppers

We are pleased to introduce our first Smokebox Exclusive ready-to-run freight car - the Grand Trunk Western 70-ton AAR 3-bay hopper car! 

GTW Hopper Car Models

GTW received 500 of these cars in late 1952 in the number series 111600-112099, built by the ACF Huntington plant. Delivered in a mineral red scheme with white lettering, these cars served the GTW in gravel and coal service for many years. 

Official Railway Equipment Register listings indicate that over 95% of this fleet was still in service in 1966, with 78 cars still listed in 1977, and two cars still hanging on in 1986!

This is the first time this scheme has been produced on a RTR, high-detail HO Scale model. Our cars, produced by BLI, feature wire grab irons, interior bracing, metal wheelsets and couplers, and intricately-reproduced graphics drawn in-house by Smokebox.

ACF builder's logos can be found at the center of the car along with the sans serif, one-line roadname and "close doors" instruction featured on these cars' delivery scheme.

The ACF logo is also present on the air brake test stencil on the brake cylinder, along with a 12/52 date. 

We wanted to ensure that this attractive home state car was produced, and we're excited to be able to offer this limited run for sale on our site! 

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