Reflective Strips for Railcar Models


Used on Freight Cars from 2005-Present  -  Precut to Common Sizes  -  Multiple Colors to Choose From


Approximately 0.005" Thick  -  Can be Applied over Existing Finishes  -  Seal/Weather Over Strips to Blend



R0487 - Locomotive Stripes and Strips - White (CP/NS)   Reflective white striping for locomotive frame sills. Includes 150 linear inches of scale 4" stripes in easy-to-handle 5" long segments. Sheet also includes 3" stripes and 200/each scale 4"x18" reflective strips, perfect for certain locomotives and those rare freight cars utilizing white, as permitted by FRA 224. $7


R0587 - Locomotive Stripes and Strips - Yellow (CN/KCS/UP/BNSF)   Same as above, but in a common yellow color. $7

N Scale


O Scale




Shipping to U.S. addresses $3.50 on all orders regardless of quantity. All  international orders $10.00. Orders processed via PayPal.