Screen-Printed HO Scale Model Railroad Decals


These HO-scale decals have been created by digitally tracing in-service photos of actual freight cars as well as railroad-specific lettering diagrams. Each set contains  dimensional data, spare numbers, and reweigh/repack data to accurately model the majority (if not all) cars within the number series represented.


Printed in Italy by Cartograf, these decals are very high quality thinfilm waterslide decals. The film has been strategically printed on the sheets to minimize the amount of trimming required when using the decals.  The quality of the printing is such that even the scale 1" lettering is legible. Stencil marks on dimensional data and other labels have also been reproduced where applicable.


Please note that lettering shown on data sheets is shown as black for legibility - printing on actual decal sheets is white where appropriate.


These boxcars have been lettered using our Compressed Lettering Boxcars set DF5087. Cars are painted with Scalecoat paint, have been lightly weathered and also feature our dark yellow reflective strips, available as part of our Variety Pack RV87.

Contemporary Freight Car Decals

Pere Marquette USRA hopper car lettered using set DF0187. Car has been weathered and data has been spliced together using numbers on sheet to represent prototype car. Chalk marks done using colored pencil and are not included as part of decal set.

'40s-'50s-'60s Freight Car Decals



Shipping to U.S. addresses $3.50 on all orders regardless of quantity. All  international orders $10.00. Orders processed via PayPal.